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Datta Law Group understands what it's like to face off against the IRS or California Franchise Tax Board. There is a long list of items that they have at their disposal to attempt to collect taxes from you. The following is an overview of some of the most common tax problems taxpayers typically face.

This is only a partial list. No matter what your tax issue is, we'll handle it for you. Leave the worrying to us.

  • Tax Penalties and Interest

    You may owe the IRS more money than you can you afford right now. The original debt, compounded by interest and penalties may frighten you. You know that doing nothing is a terrible option and you need to do something before the IRS comes knocking at your door. You’re best option is to consult with an experienced tax professional. Someone who can explain your choices.

    Gaurav Datta and the Datta Law Group will examine your case, help you with a strategy, go over your choices in detail, and allow you to move forward with in confidence.


    An IRS audit can be terrifying. No taxpayer wants the IRS to examine reams of their document with a fine tooth comb. If you’re being audited you want to have an experienced tax professional on your side, someone to guide you through the process who can negotiate on your behalf.


    The IRS has many tools and resources at their disposal to insure that they get paid. As you only have a limited time to appeal, you owe it to yourself to level the playing field by contacting a tax professional who knows your rights and who will make sure that you’re leveraging all of your resources.


    Not filing a tax return, for whatever reason, could be viewed as tax evasion and could potentially result in a prison sentence.

    In many cases the IRS may file a Substitute For Return (SFR) without your approval. Since an SFR is filed in the best interest of the government, it is more than likely that any deductions you were entitled to will not be included.

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